An [Updated] Everlane Tote Review

An Everlane Tote Review

[We’ve updated this post with a review after taking our Everlane tote across France. See the end of the post for more on how it worked for us. ]

My mom and I have been searching for the perfect carry-on tote for our upcoming trip to France, and we had some pretty high standards. We needed a bag that was:
– large enough to hold all of our needs
– but not too big that it can’t be used as a day bag
– zipped!
– chic, obviously!
– well-made with great reviews
– and at a really good price point

Not only that, but since it’s easier to pack light when you stick to a color palette, Mom needed one that came in black, and I needed a brown one. We didn’t need the same bag, of course, but when we started reading all of the great reviews about the Everlane Tote, we knew we needed to check it out. It seemed to fit all of our needs, so we ordered the black leather with reverse denim, which is a pretty heather gray. I was eyeing the brown leather with navy twill, but decided to wait and see what the black one looked like in person. Let’s just say, I’ll be ordering the navy for me really soon!

Everlane Totes

I already have one of Everlane’s amazing weekenders, and it has been such a JOY to pack for trips to my mom’s house in the mountains and all of our other weekend trips! I was thrilled to see that the tote we received (with free shipping!) was of equally great quality!

I really love that the tote has a slim silhouette. I often find bags that I like, but they end up being rather bulky. This bag will hold my make-up and small toiletry bags, my travel magazines, my camera, my tablet, and it doesn’t take up too much space. The inner pocket is the perfect size for my wallet and passport case. The zip top stays hidden instead of sticking out on the ends, which I think is a wonderful detail that makes it even more sleek. The black leather straps are sturdy and a great length for throwing over your shoulder, and the cotton twill is wonderfully thick. Even after all of those great details and the sturdy construction, it’s still incredibly light weight! Friends, we have found our new favorite bag! Oh, and did we mention it’s ONLY $40?!

Everlane Tote Review - Everlane in France -

My mom traveled in style in Burgundy with her grey and black Everlane tote.

Everlane Tote Review Update

After trying out the grey and black tote with my mom, I ended up buying the navy tote with brown leather handles for myself. As I had expected, it worked great for my trip to Paris, Provence, and Burgundy. Here’s what we learned:

  1. It’s a great tote for carrying on a plane or train and for keeping your belongings safe from pickpockets because of the zip top.
  2. After filling my tote with everything from wine bottles to dripping wet water bottles and every other souvenir or picnic in between, the material held up very well and kept its shape. The handles never felt like they were carrying too much weight and never threatened to tear.
  3. I was glad I had my tote when exploring Versailles and the Louvre because it held my belongings without being bulky. Those places are crowded enough as it is. A slim profiled bag is a must.
  4. I was, of course, blogging while abroad, and it was a great size for my smaller laptop and my guidebooks.

Follow this link to grab one of your own!

Everlane Tote Review - Everlane in Paris -

Carrying my tote around Paris on a drizzly day!

[This is not a sponsored post, friends. We just adore our new Everlane tote, and we can definitely vouch for the sturdy construction and timeless style of our wonderful weekender. If you’re on the lookout for some stylish and affordable luggage, do check them out!]

Meagan grew up in the North Georgia Mountains and spent her first trip abroad in Italy. She’s been traveling all over the world ever since, learning Spanish, Japanese, and Thai. She travels for the food, the culture, and the history.

8 thoughts on “An [Updated] Everlane Tote Review

  1. Jamie says:

    Do you think this would comfortably fit an SLR camera? I’m on the hunt for something for a trip abroad and I love the style of this tote – and the zipper – but I need something that will comfortably fit a canon 5d mark IIi. Let me know as this is currently topping the list!
    Jamie recently posted…The ‘it’ bag – to invest or not?My Profile

    • Meagan Martz at A Friend Afar says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Mine fits in there, but it doesn’t have padding or extra compartments, so it’s not really safe for a camera. I just toss mine in there when I’m tired of holding it, and then I’m careful with my bag – being sure to not slam it around. I love it, but if you’re planning on keeping your camera in it for the whole trip, I’d invest in something specifically for a camera. Hope that helps!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Meagan! Thanks for the great review! I’m shopping around for a tote right now and am really loving the Everlane Twill Zip Tote for most of the same reasons you listed — relatively low profile, zip top, unreal price point, stylish, etc. I’m wondering, though, if you think it would be able to fit my bike helmet if needed ( I’m a little concerned that it just wouldn’t quite fit. Thank you!

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