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A Day at the Dead Sea

I had one free day in Jordan on a work trip  to see a bit of the country. Though Amman has lots to explore and Petra looks amazing to visit, I decided to spend a relaxing day at the Dead Sea. It proved to be the perfect way to combat jet lag and was the perfect day trip from Amman. Plus, the Dead Sea is consistently on lists of places in the world that are disappearing, and I wanted to see and experience it before that happens!

22380390124_890f7d2580_oWhen I left Amman, it was 15 degrees Celsius. On the taxi ride to the Movenpick Resort, I watched the thermometer steadily rise as we coasted down the road. By the time I arrived at the Dead Sea, the temperature was 25 degrees Celsius! The weather was just warm enough to want to change into my swimsuit and walk down to the beach.


My first stop was floating in the Dead Sea, of course! Even though I knew the high salt concentration causes you to float, it was still amazing to get in the sea and stay buoyed without any effort. It was surreal to lay back, relax and just float and also entertaining to bob about by trying to submerge yourself.


While floating, I noticed fellow bathers covering their bodies with mud from the sea stored in a clay pot.


Once the salty sea started burning my skin, I moved on to the mud part of my wellness treatment. Because the mud is from the sea, it has a ton of minerals in it and is so good for your skin; plus, it’s said to have healing properties!


I just had to take a photo with the sign. Evidence of being at the lowest point on earth!


Once I was done with my sea salt and mud treatments, I lounged by the infinity pool overlooking the sea. A poolside bar served drinks (including fresh, delicious mango juice) and food. I loved looking out at the glassy sea and taking in the view of Israel from across the sea.


Next I moved onto another pool that was heated. Swimming in November is a treat so I stayed in until I was all shriveled. Once the sun started setting, I enjoyed watching the sky change will all the colors. I also made friends with an orange kitty.

23032938401_68a96f4c7f_oThe colors just kept getting better and better as the sun continued setting. The reflection on the water was stunning!


This was my final view of the Dead Sea- what a perfect way to end the day!

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  1. galanda23 says:

    Gorgeous photos! I always wondered how it would feel to float in the Dead Sea. There is so much salt there that you probably couldn’t sink but with tanks for scuba diving. When I was a kid my grandma used to take us to the sea shore and give us mud baths. As kids, we hated that even if it was “very healthy” as he shed.

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