Travel Gift Guide: Travel Coffee Table Books

We couldn’t resist one more round up of our favorite gifts! This time we’ve pulled together our favorite travel coffee table books, and we’ve included a fun variety of art, photographs, and home decor that reflect some of our favorite travel experiences.

Travel Coffee Table Books -

Our Favorite Travel Coffee Table Books

Great Journeys – Travel the World’s Most Spectacular Routes by Lonely Planet
This gorgeous travel coffee table book will have you yearning for a few months off of work so that you can embark on an epic trip. It covers routes from the original Tour de France to Marco Polo’s exploration route. Get ready to add a few new trips to your bucket list!

National Geographic – The Covers by National Geographic
It’s no secret that we’re in love with National Geographic magazines around here. This collection of covers spanning the magazine’s 125 years inspires us to learn more about the places we travel to and the people we meet.

Nomad by Sibella Court
Sibella is our style icon, and we love how Nomad inspires us to bring our travels back home with us. Isn’t it wonderful how decorating your home with souvenirs big and small can take you back to your travels?

Jutaku: Japanese Houses by Naomi Pollock
Japan was one of our first loves, and we’re fascinated by how modern and traditional architecture manage to blend seamlessly. This gorgeous travel coffee table book showcases 400 homes that epitomize modern Japan.

59 Illustrated National Parks by Joel Anderson & Nathan Anderson
We just fell in love with The Anderson Design based out of Nashville, TN. Meagan even bought a print of all of the National Parks for Stephanie for Christmas. You know how Stephanie loves her parks! Anderson Design Group creates some amazing vintage-inspired travel posters – I’m sure they’ll have your favorite spot – and this book contains all of the national parks posters as well as fun facts and a history for each park.

Graphique de la Rue by Louise Fili
Our new found love of France (yeah, we’re a little behind – it’s because we were focused on Asia or Africa) cannot be underestimated. This gorgeous book captures one of the many things that make strolling the streets of Paris so special – the art of Paris’s signs. It’s perfect for your friends that are Francophiles, graphic designers, or just art lovers.

Maps by Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielinska
As cartography enthusiasts, we can’t get through a gift guide around here without including a map or a globe, and this travel coffee table book is an incredibly fun find. The gorgeous illustrations detail the history and cultures of countries and regions. It’s perfect for travelers of all ages!

Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky
Just as Great Journeys has us daydreaming about extreme voyages, this book has us adding new locations to our bucket list solely for the sake of “do you know anyone who has been there?!? Neither do I!” Visiting exciting and remote places that none of your friends have heard of will make you quite the explorer. Just adding them to your bucket list will make you feel like one.

You can see our other favorite travel gifts here, here, and here! And don’t forget to give a little back while doing all of your holiday shopping. We rounded up some of our favorite international charities to give you some ideas.

Meagan grew up in the North Georgia Mountains and spent her first trip abroad in Italy. She’s been traveling all over the world ever since, learning Spanish, Japanese, and Thai. She travels for the food, the culture, and the history.

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