First Trip Abroad: Italy
Meagan in GuatemalaFavorite Foods: Khao Niao (Thai sticky rice), curries of all kinds, and all the pizza in Italy
Collected Souvenirs: I’m bad about this. I collect maps, globes, pottery, and textiles. I’m a maximalist at home. I’m not allowed to buy any more bowls.
Craziest Mode of Transport: I thought I was heading to Chiang Mai the city, not the region, when I was on a volunteer trip through Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. We were actually headed to a very remote village. Twelve hours on a 3rd class train bench, 4 hours in one of those trucks that holds 50 people or lots of cargo in the back, and an hour in a pick-up truck later, I’d made it. The Thai sun is pretty hot, too.
Dream Adventure: If it’s long and resembles early travel, I’m in love. I dream about taking the train from London to Beijing and driving from Alaska to Argentina. Oh, and Antarctica.
Trip You’d Rather not Repeat: I don’t need to take an un-airconditioned cab along the dirt roads from the Thailand-Cambodia border to Siem Reap again. I’m glad I did that once, but I’m older now and have a job. I’ll fly next time.
Must Visit Place in a New City: Take me to the art and history museums!
Biggest Risk: I let a jaguar lick my face in Belize. It had a huge sandpaper tongue!


First Trip Abroad: AustraliaPeru 316
Favorite Meal: Low country boil, which clearly shows my Southern roots.
Funniest Miscommunication: When I lived with my homestay family in Ghana during Peace Corps training, a pair of my pants that were outside drying after being hand-washed went missing. I asked my brother if he’d seen them, and after looking he told me they’d buy me some new ones if they didn’t show up. I told him that wasn’t necessary and hopefully they’d turn up. Lo and behold, later I did find them but realized that my brother thought the whole time that I was missing a pair of underwear because in Ghanaian (which is similar to British) English they call them trousers and underwear are pants! Oops!
Collected Souvenirs: I love global artwork, postcards, fabric, jewelry, and floaty pens. My middle sister has an amazing floaty pen collection that I’ve invested in and feel like is half mine because I’ve gifted her so many from my travels!
Dream Adventure: I want to go everywhere but especially places that may disappear or change dramatically soon including the Dead Sea [update: I floated in it November 2015], Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, Glacier National Park. I’ve also always been intrigued by the Amazon Rainforest!
Where You Get Travel Inspiration: I find inspiration in many different places- talking to fellow travelers, reading travel blogs, flipping through travel magazines, Pinterest, books, movies, TV shows, visiting the guidebook section at the bookstore, and Twitter chats!
Favorite City: 

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